Glowing skin is always in!


And these are a few of my favorite things…. no but seriously, I LOVE THESE PRODUCTS. To make a short story even shorter, skin care was never really on the top of my you need to do this list. I mean I washed my face and put moisturizer on but that’s it really. I can’t really pin point to when I started becoming so obsessed with my skincare routine but lo and behold here it is! I have a combination skin type, meaning i’m oily in some places (mostly my T zone) and dry in others.. & these products do wonders for me! I’m 26 years old & never really thought about some of these things until this year, but I say it’s better to be ahead of the game with your skin than wish you would have started ealier! I even threw in a few randoms that I thought you guys might enjoy as well!


Purity Facial Cleanser

My ride or die of facial cleansers… I’ve been hooked on this one for years, why you ask? My answer: because it works. Fun fact, every christmas my mimi will get me my skincare products, this being one of them & they usually last me the entire year! I have the 32oz. bottle of this cleanser and I keep this little 4oz. bottle to keep refilling because it is a space saver in the shower! Like I said, I have combination skin & the purity made simple just leaves my skin feeling balanced & fresh. It’s a gentle product, so if you have sensitive skin I would suggest this for you! I also use this cleanser to clean all of my makeup brushes and beauty blenders!!


Dr. Brandt PoreDermabrasion

This is a step I use to NEVER do & now I like to do once a week usually. I truly do notice a difference with this stuff after exfoliating with it. This product will take that texture you’re dealing with under your foundation right off your face, what more can we ask for! It’s a cream to scrub, medium weight, fragrance free product. What I like most about this product is the size of the crystals, they’re micro & really allow the product to give your pores that deep clean they need! Also this exfoliator will leave your skin feeling minty cool! Refines appearance of pores, deep cleans pores, & smoothes skin texture!


Artistry Advanced Softening Toner

Honestly, I have had this product for probably 3 years and barely touched it. Until one day I thought ehh lets just see… & I can’t stress enough now how important this step is in your skincare routine. Esp if your a makeup lover like me! A good toner in your routine is a game changer! You may do a good job at cleansing your face, but toners will pick up that leftover makeup on your skin that you don’t even know is there!!! This product is formulated with Japanese lilyturf to help strengthen the tight junction – a part of the skin that controls moisture levels & will leave your skin feeling soft smooth & hydrated. You neeeeed it.


Mario Badescu Facial Spray

Won’t lie, I jumped on the bandwagon with this one! I’ve only been using it for about a week now but i’m looovving it. This cooling facial mist can be used on your face, neck, or hair. It can be used before or after applying your makeup & gives a dewy finish to your skin. It is infused with Cucumber and Peppermint Essential Waters & delivers a cooling boost of hydration as Green Tea provides powerful antioxidant protection. It’s just so refreshing!! I can’t wait to use this product in the summer months after a day of being out in the sun to refresh my face! Also, one of the best things about this product… it’s only $7 !!


OLEHENRIKSEN Banana Bright eye cream

Any new mamas out there like me?! This product is for you!! Hands down my FAVORITE product over everything! I never knew how much I needed this in  my life until I started using this eye cream back in January. I’ll never go without it again! With a burst of hydration & brightness, this banana eye cream makes my face feel alive in the morning (esp with all these late night\early morning baby dates I have)! This eye cream is collagen-boosted so it brings back firmness in the skin while targeting fine lines & wrinkles. This eye cream is boosted with vitamin-c leaving you with a luminous finish on the skin & also serves as the perfect base to lock on your concealer! I also put this on the center of my forehead a few times a week and have been noticing a difference with some of my forehead lines!


Philosophy hope in a jar

I love this moisturizer! It is a light weight formula that leaves your skin feeling radiant & smooth! This has been my hands down, go-to moisturizer for years! This is because it does not leave my skin looking or feeling greasy & I love the healthy glow it gives you! It does warn you though to be careful when exposed to heavy sunlight because it may cause your skin to be a little sensitive. (I’ve never had any issues!!) I love wearing this under my foundation because it does have a little bit of a tacky feeling when first applied and makes my foundation stick like a primer does!


Rodan + fields night renewing serum & Lip Renewing Serum (not shown)

Both these are awesome! I’ve only tried these a handful of times, but I would defiantly suggest these redefining serums! I do not sell these skin care products, just have tried them through it being offered to me! I have even used the lip serum as a lip gloss because it give you that perfect plump glossy lip!

Some random favorites


Native Deodorant

I’ll never use anything else ever again!! I became aware last year of how awful the popular deodorants are that are constantly being advertised… Did you guys know that Aluminum is an active ingrediant in most of the popular brands, like your favorite secret deoderant! Aluminum is used to form a plug in the sweat duct and stop the flow of sweat to your skins surface… so unnatural!! There has been studies done but nothing scientifally prooven, linking high amounts of aluminum near the under arms to breast cancer.. this is because aluminum has estrogen like effects & estrogen can promote the growth of beast cancer cells…. just be aware of what youre putting on youre body!!

This leads me to Native, I went down the line of aluminum free deodorants until I found this one! It’s made without aluminum, parabens, phthalates, and talc! Native applys smoothly and wont stain your cloths ( because it’s aluminum free)! It’s made with baking soda which soaks up your sweat and allows your body to beathe! The coconut & vanilla scent smells amazing & last me all day! Go buy some I promise you’ll love it!

DSC05584Trade secrets deep condition lip balm!

I love this scent & my lips stay hydrated for hours!! This is a family owned & local business located in downtown Altoona at 1223 13th Avenue! I love their products & I defiantly suggest you go check them out!

DSC05587 Bath & body works Almond & vanilla body cream

This body cream has natural almond oil, super rich shea butter & soothing aloe and cocoa butter. This body cream makes my skin feel so silky soft, & smells amazing! It’s my favorite!

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