Leo | 3 months

Baby boy… I’ll say this every month but how are you 3 months old?! You’ve been so much fun this month, I just love watching you grow!

Things I want to remember from 3 months.

You got to experience you’re first Easter this month! You and savvy loved your baskets from the bun bun, you’re in love with your little ducky you got! Savvy painted eggs and you slept through it beside her lol.

You’re starting to get strange with people… you’re uncle picked you up and you have the biggest pouty lip I’ve ever seen, it was so cute!

Savvy has become your little mother hen, she loves snuggling with you on the couch with a blanket and feeding you your baba! I love hearing her talk to you, when you two are cuddling. One day you two were watching Netflix cuddling & you accidentally drooled on her blanket…. let’s say she wasn’t pleased with you LOL.

Speaking of cuddling, we had so many cuddle sessions this month… I love picking you up and you realizing who’s holding you, the biggest smile spreads across your face! It melts my heart. ♥️

You are almost able to roll from your little back to your belly, so determined you are!! You’re a pro at rolling from belly to back though! You love laying on your play jungle and trying to reach the bouncy monkey and you finally did yesterday YAY YOU!

Yesterday you held your bottle by yourself!! So proud of you! 🍼

AND you giggled for the first time today!! Tickles tickles & more tickles to come!

I love watching you grow!! Happy 3 months my handsome little boy 🖤

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