We got a bed in a BOX?! Find out what we think of our Nectar Sleep Mattress… Is it worth it?! + some pretty photos!

Can you believe this king Nectar mattress was once inside a box?! I couldn’t, we were simply amazed by the process of it all! Today on MBP blog I’m reviewing this cloud of a mattress… is it all that its hyped up to be + worth the money?! I will tell you.

Jordan and I have been on the hunt for a new bed since we moved into our house this past June (2019). That being said, I ran across an ad for Nectar Sleep that caught my eye and started doing some research about these beds in a box. Nectar Sleep has been receiving incredible reviews since it was founded in 2016 so with that being said I decided we needed to give it go! They promise a high-quality sleeping arrangement without the expensive price tag which fit our criteria perfect! With a 365 day trail period ( YEP, you read that right) you can really test out if its the golden ticket you’ve been longing for!!

Nectar sleep also offers pillows (which we received), bed frames, sheets, and other bed-like items making them a convenient add to cart/one stop shop kind of luxury!! Heres what I have to tell you about Nectar Sleep and my experience with them.


For us the best part about the entire experience is that it was completely virtual. I love online shopping so this was right up my alley! To me, I believe a mattress is one of the most important purchases you make and the focal point of a home. One of the first things discussed when buying a house, moving in with someone, or having children is what are the sleeping arrangements?! This is why I think having a simple and convenient way of purchasing your mattress and it showing up at your front door is just about the best thing EVER.

I would say sleeping on this mattress is like drifting off into a cloud of comfy… It has five layers of medium to firm feel and CertiPUR-US certified — a stamp of quality that only 1% of mattresses on the market receive!! Not your average bed if I do say so myself. These layers include a Tencel cooling cover, a quilted gel memory foam, an adaptive hi-core memory foam and a breathable base layer that recharge your body with a great night of sleep!


You want to get it right when choosing a mattress, after all its your safe space, place of peace, and all around where you end up spending the most time in your home. I was a little nervous about not being able to test this bed out and lay on it before purchasing it, BUT that is why Nectar is so amazing.. They offer the longest at home trial of any online mattress company out there with a 365 day risk-free at home trial! That means you have an entire YEAR to see if you love it or not. If you don’t (which I think you will) they offer a full refund! Another option they offer you is that if there is a point that you do not love your mattress the brand will work with you to donate your mattress OR get it locally disposed.

Nectar offers you a FOREVER warranty, which means it never expires and the shipping + returns are free!


We opened it, sat it on our bed frame, and watched it rise… its crazy to me that this king mattress came inside a box! They say it can take up to 24-72 hours for a Nectar mattress to fully expand, however we opened it mid afternoon and slept perfectly on it that night! I love the fact that I can now move and not bother Jordan if he’s sleeping vise vera… we both have been getting the best sleeps and truly look forward to cozying up into bed now!

One thing Ive read about mattresses in a box is that they can give off a oder when you first open the plastic and let them rise… I was thankful to not have this experience with our Nectar Sleep mattress.

A very important factor about choosing the right mattress for Jordan and I was how hot of a sleeper he is (I am not) + what mattress fit best with the position we slept in (who knew that was even a worry?!). We are very impressed by the quality of our temperature controlled mattress and I no longer have to yell at Jordan for being an incubator at night LOL. I must also mention the 2 pillows that came with our bed that have a cooling fabric that give me those just flipped the pillow over in the middle of the night vibe! We are both side sleepers and this medium-firm mattress meets our side sleeping needs perfectly giving us the best comfort and support for a great nights sleep!


The bed frame: It’s worth mentioning that you can place your Nectar Sleep mattress on any bed frame and it will work! I purchased our bed frame from another site because I has a specific look in mind. However theirs are modern + gorgeous and come in a neutral and gray color that would look pretty in any room! They also have an adjustable base that lets you elevate your head and feet while enjoying a Massage or Zero Gravity setting for adjustable comfort!

The shipping: I ordered my mattress and it came that same week, talk about a speedy delivery!!


Not much I have to comment here, the only thing I might add is that it isn’t as firm as other reviews made it out to be. It’s the perfect firmness for us though. It took me a little while to adjust to the new pillow being a little thinner than my normal one I’d been previously using but now that is not an issue for me. Last thing I would have to say is just be careful when cutting open the plastic wrap that your mattress is sealed in… the mattress is literally right up against the plastic so be cautious where your cutting! We had no issues with this but I could see it happening if you aren’t careful!!


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