Leo James Turns Two!!

Typing these words feels unreal… YOU’RE TWO! Holy cow. So in two seconds here is a short summary of YOU. Leo; a mischievous mama’s boy who loves Lightning McQueen… that’s all folks! No I’m totally kidding HA of course there’s more but I covered the basics!

Things you love… cars & trucks, lion blankey & mickey blankey, juice, SHOES all kinds but specifically your rocket ship rain boots, Mac n cheese, Mickey Mouse clubhouse, the movie Cars (which is what your 2nd birthday party theme will be!!), Toy Story, Playing lions, riding your car, pj masks!

Words you say… mommy, daddy, sissy, savvy, kitty, baba, two, hi, bye, I love you, shoes, juice, hair, cheese, book, blankey, hand, NO & the Chewbacca scream.

Bad things you do (The terrible twos made you do it right?)… obsessed with throwing anything in sight into the toilet (even the Plummer couldn’t fix the problem, I wish I was kidding kid), pulling sissy’s hair, lover of throwing food on the floor, locking doors & if we buy it you smash it you silly boy!

Things I want to remember… You crawled out of your crib for the first time on Dec 6th & refused to stay in it after that! You transitioned to your big boy bed & slept on the floor next to your door for almost two weeks, refusing to give your new bed a chance! With the help of many lollipops you let me cut your hair!! Lion blankey and mickey blankey are your absolute favorites! You love shoes & hats! You think monster trucks are pretty cool! Your eyes are starting to turn slightly green and they’ve been blue all this time!

Here to you and turning two my sweet boy!! I can’t wait to celebrate you on your special day! Life would be so boring without all your shenanigans!! Love you to the moon and back Leo James!

ps. You had the best 2nd birthday session running around like a nut with your trucks are Baker mansion… I kept saying I don’t know who’s child I brought to take photos of but it can’t be mine because you smiled for almost all of your photos and we only broke one truck lol… a wonderful memory ill treasure!

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