Raising little humans + Mother’s Day.

Raising little humans + all those moments… all those moments that make you think I’m not sure today could go any quicker because, well.. your 1 year old decided today of all days not to listen to the moral of the 3 little monkey’s song and continues to be a frequent flyer off his sisters toddler bed.. AGAIN might I add. Fast forward.. and your face finally meets your pillow, exhausted (understatement) but you’re only thinking about how excited you’ll be for your soon to be sassy red headed 5 year old to wake up and find her *magical* cup filled with juice waiting for her in the fridge, joy. The first word that makes me think of my two sweet little crazies. If there’s one thing (besides my morning cups of coffee of course) that fills my cup, it’s getting to see their happiness. All those little moments that bring joy being their mama.. watching savannah dance, our savvy shake at bedtime, the fact that she eats tomatoes like apples… Leo learning to blow kisses & give real ones, saying all his new words, and cuddles on my lap when Mickey is on because all that boy wants is his mama & his baba… Having a forever helper and melt down queen all in the same 30 seconds until her favorite song, “dancing with our hands tied” comes on & I discover patience I never knew I had… Somehow we always get through it because raising little humans ya’ll… they give me so many moments.. loving, fulfilling, joyful moments and sometimes full of shit moments… like literally so much… because uhh mom life. Being your mama through the melt downs, hugs + kisses, & just all the things possible brings me so much stinking joy because I love nothing more than being your mommy, Savvy + Leo <3.

Happy Mother’s Day sweet friends!!

Surviving mom life one melt down at a time!! I’m fine. everything’s fine. (daily mantra)

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