Formulate | Personalized Shampoo + Conditioner, is it worth it?!

Hi Friends! Today on the blog i’m reviewing Formulate, a company offering personalized shampoos + conditioners! About 5 weeks ago now, they sent me their shampoo + conditioner in offer for a honest review & I can’t wait to share my thoughts with ya’ll!

“Shampoo + conditioner, perfectly engineered just for you – that evolves with you. Formulated based on your hair + environment.”

Hair Quiz Steps

STEP ONE in this hair care process is figuring out your specific hair type and needs, i’ll include mine for you! This includes your color(red), thickness(medium), moisture(balanced), texture(wavy), length(long), and scalp sensitivity(not-sensitive).

STEP TWO is figuring out where you’re going and what you’d like to get out of these products. There are a plethora of options, I chose anti-frizz, hydration, glossy hair, manageability, and to volumize!

STEP THREE you’ll choose your scent! There are 8 different smells (2 being all natural) and 3 different strength options to choose from! I chose the scent Tidal! Tidal is a swirl of the shore with meneral notes from the sea, sun drenched sand, and rich coconut. It’s light and lifting!

My Thoughts!

Being a hairstylist, I won’t lie it’s veryyy hard for me to stray away from the products I use and love in the industry… however, I’m always down to give something a chance! I received my first package from Formulate around 5 weeks ago and absolutely loved how chic & modern their packaging looked & how GOOD they smelled! I was also surprised to find that they had braille on the bottles as well, I have never come across that before on professional products… what a wonderful company to offer that for people!! After using the products for the first time I found that it left my hair feeling greasy and a bit tangly.  I let Formulate know and they quickly sent me another shipment that had been tweaked!! The new products worked much better & I defiantly noticed a difference in brushing my hair after showering. (side note: rinsing with cooler water and only putting conditioner on your ends and mid-shaft will help decrease the chances of greasier hair.)

After using Formulate now for 5 weeks, I’ve noticed my hair looks much shinier & less frizzy when not styling it… which is always my hair goals! My other goals of manageability & having more volumized hair seemed to improve too considering how long my hair is!

Formulate Facts

These products are preservative free, sulfate free, paraben free, & cruelty-free! Formulate strives to make the best hair care for you and the planet!

Why is sulfate free so important you ask? WELL my friend, i’ll just start with you don’t want that crap (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) in your hair! Other companies use sulfates as a grease cutting detergent that also aids in the foaming nature of soap… so basically it makes the shampoo soapy, right? Which sounds like a good thing but for our hair its a big no no. Sulfates in our hair products can be irritating to the scalp & skin… cause burning if gets in our eyes, & can damage the hair follicle, which can lead to weakened hair structure & hair loss!!!

Damaged hair follicles can lead to weakened hair structure and diminished hair growth. Eek!

There is an app where you can provide feedback, tweak your formula, and talk to consultants at anytime!

Green with Envy ( green tea with honey), Verdant (grass, lilies, eucalyptus), Tidal (sea, warm sand, coconut), Shoreline (spice, citrus, sea), Freshly Squeezed (tangerine & orange), Burgeon (blooming orange blossom), At Dawn (rose, green apple & pear), Cool Coconut (fresh coconut & sliced pineapples)

A set of Formulate shampoo + conditioner will cost you $49. I’m use to paying higher for my products being a hairstylist so the price does not bother me. Ya’ll you get what you pay for!! Also, I only wash my hair around 1-2 times a week (honestly with this much hair, I dread the process) so for me the products will last a while! Little bonus, you can get a 4 oz testing kit for only 19.95 if your just curious but not fully committed yet!

Final Thoughts

Overall my thoughts of Formulate were positive! I adore the idea of personalized shampoo and conditioner that’s made for your hair, & your hair specifically reaching as far as basing your hair needs by your environment of where your located!! My hair has been more manageable, glossier, and overall healthier, keep in mind I don’t color my hair but do add heat to it often! I also love that you have a personal Formulate consultant to help you through the entire process & can tweak your formula free of charge if it’s not a right fit for your hair! I can’t wait to keep using this product & seeing the results!

Giveaway Time!!

If you enter my giveaway & WIN, Formulate will send you your own personalized shampoo and conditioner, how exciting!! They will email you a code to redeem your free products! Every person who enters will receive $5 off their purchase!! To win your own personalized shampoo + conditioner from Formulate ENTER HERE !!

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