Here’s to turning 27!

27! Is it just me or are alll the birthdays after 21 just ehhh… another year & another wrinkle that my 40 dollar eye cream doesn’t seem to camouflage😆. However, this year I have so many wonderful moments to look forward to!! 26 was a year of struggle for me mentally dealing with postpartum depression and honestly figuring myself out ( are we truly ever done figuring ourselves out though? asking for a friend! HA ) but from struggle comes growth & I have SO many goals & dreams I want to achieve for 27!!

Jordan & I are heading to the beach for the first time in 7 years which is actually how long ago we first started dating…. & were getting married there!! 💍🥂

My passion has turned into my own little business, Mia Bastille Photography! Seriously guys this makes me smile ear to ear just thinking about it!

This year I’ve also had the pleasure of getting to stay home with my children more… I love being a mom to my sweet babies over everything!

Maybe this year we’ll be homeowners?? Fingers crossed 🤞🏻

Today I’m looking back on some of my favorite memories from 26!

I gave birth to my precious little 6 pound 10.5oz bundle of joy, Leo James 🖤

Savvy had her first dance recital!

My best friend turned 4 💗

Savvy’s hammock photo landed me my first feature on the Everymom Instagram page!!
Soccer days & milkshakes ⚽️

Thanksgiving 2018

Christmas 2018 | we actually managed to get a pj pic!

Truly I don’t know how I got so lucky to have a man that not only supports my many photo sessions but also willingly holds a bundle of pink heart shaped balloons in the middle of broad daylight 💗 you must really love me!!


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Hi I'm Mia! I'm a Central PA Wedding Photographer, Mia Becker, specializing in modern, light and airy Wedding photography, Engagements, Family portraits, Equine portraits, HS Seniors, Maternity and Newborn photography.

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