Leo James | First Birthday!

Leo James | January 18th 2018| 12:18am | 6 pounds 10.5 oz | 18.5 inches | 🖤

Today is such a wonderful day because it’s your FIRST birthday darling boy! ONE YEAR we’ve had the pleasure of loving you, and we’ve loved every minute… believe me! How does time go by so fast?.. I ask myself this question so often but all I can say is time is truly a thief. You have brought so much love & joy ( & exhaustion 😆 ) into our world in just one small year… today we celebrate you sweet boy! Cupcakes & balloons, because what tiny human doesn’t love those two things!! 🎉

•Words you say | Mama, dada, hi, bye bye, nana, yeah, NO, & a bunch of other gibber jabber 😂

• You have 3 teeth!! Front two bottom & one on top!

• We have a official walker!! You were taking steps at 11 months but now it’s all the time!

• Cars are your favorite little toys to play with & little people camping car!

• You’ve mastered how to annoy your sissy savvy!! Don’t worry bud, I annoy her too 😆

• Couch climber maniac!

• The stairs have become an obsession with you, you’ll climb a few and wait and see if I’m there chasing after you & then giggle & climb faster 😂

• No joke… you love food! Bananas & pancakes! You’re not a fan of green beans or avocados.

• You still wake up during the night ( I actually hear you now…) go back to sleep!! PLEASE.

• Of course you love Mickey Mouse ❤️

• You love music… playing the guitar, drums, recorder. 🎶

• You’re my little cuddle buddy when you’re not on the go go gooooo!

Happy first birthday Leo James 🖤 we love you to the moon & back!

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