Savvy Jo & the Feisty Fours!!

July 16th 2014 | 11:34pm you were born… which makes YOU my sweet little savvy girl 4 years old!! You will always be my reason for everything I do, my motivation, my best friend always, and one of the best gifts life has ever given me. From three to four years, looking back tonight on pictures of you from only a year ago…. It is truly crazy how much you have grown!! Just the other day your daddy and I looked at each other and said, “she doesn’t look like a little toddler anymore… when did this even happen? I BLINKED… I suppose that’s when it happened!? Leading up to 4, you had so many milestones and firsts and smiles and melt downs and lessons that not only I taught you but also you somehow taught me as well. Honestly where do you begin when trying to recap an entire year? That is probably why it has taken me this long to gather everything and finally write it down ( may also be due to LIFE with two children)!

Famous savvy phrases |  “I love my flamily“, Always says “I love you just the way you are”, “OH fiddlesticks”, “you’re kidding me!!”

Fav movie | Tinkerbell, Trolls & Frozen

Fav Tv show | Princess Sofia, Spirit, pj masks

Fav food | mac & cheese, french fries, pink ice cream, Tomatoes, pink doughnuts with sprinkles

Weight & Height | 36 1/2 pnds & 38 1/4 inches

Fav color | Pink, of course.

Fav store | Target

Fav game | hide & seek

Fav song | Taylor swift- dancing with our hands tied, trolls soundtrack

Fav Activites | taking pictures on mommys phone, bouncing balloons around, blowing bubbles, helping mommy fold towels.

The Savvy Shake became a bedtime ritual… you literally would not go to bed unless we did your special dance first!

Summer 2017 | We went to delgrossos park a few times & the Clearfield fair! We went swimming at mimi and pappys pool & you had your FIRST trip to the Pittsburgh zoo with aunt Kelly! Mommy was pregnant with your little brother!

Fall 2017 | You started your first year of dance at The Studio on 5th!! ( Ballet, tap, and acro ) You loved all of it, but I believe tap was your favorite! We went to valewood farms and did a corn maze and got pumpkins, I’ll always remember going through the maze and you playing follow the leader( pointing your little finger saying “we have to go this way then, and then that way!!” and daddy saying “we could be in here forever” lol ). On October 26, for Halloween you dressed up as Anna from Frozen ( the cutest little Anna there ever was esp with all that red hair ) I’ll always remember that being the year we ran into Sven… a real live buck deciding to plow through the neighborhood… we played it off as he was looking for his Anna! (trick or treat ended quickly after that!) You also got to dress up as a spOoOoky skeleton and dance in the Halloween parade in Hollidaysburg! This is a  special memory i’m about to write… Oct 29 you adopted your best buddy ever and named him kitty Clifford, you love your little kitty so much. You got him a little blue collar with a blue bow and a butterfly toy to welcome him home with you ❤ November, Mommy had a baby sprinkle for your baby brother and you were so so so excited that even you got showered with presents LOL (bet you were thinking I was going to say you were excited for something else).Went Roller bladding for the first time!


Winter | At Christmas time, you had a winter performance at the mall and danced to “Let it Snow”. We visited lights on the lake and it was just all so magical to you…. the reindeer and airplanes excited you the most!! That christmas you wanted Santa to bring you an owllette stuffed animal, barbies & pink boots.

January 18th 2018 you became a BIG SISTER, gained a roommate, & made a permanent best friend! One proud moment right there!! Leo James was born and boyyyy were you a shy little girl when you walked into the room the morning he was born… I’ll never forget the little smirk you had on your face the first time you ran into the room and saw little Leo. You’re an amazing big sister!!!

Somewhere in this time frame… you went to the dentist for the first time!

Spring & summer 2018 | A special memory I want to remember is the day we drove to get your Easter pictures done in Bellefonte & then we went to the penn state creamery and ate allll the pink ice cream… we had so much fun that day as a family ❤

May 13th You had your very first dance recital with the Studio on 5th… my heart melts just thinking about that. Purple tutus, sequins, & tiny pink ballet slippers were all involved & you were the sweetest little girl up on that stage (in my eyes of course lol) You were in two acts, one for ballet( song: Once Upon a Dream) & the other tap (song: Sunshine, Lollopops, and Rainbows). After it was all over, you were showered with rainbows daisies, a purple ballet doll from nana, and more flowers of course!!



May 21st we went to mimi & pappys because all you wanted to do was have a picnic outside and run around in their grass… i’m only writing this little memory because its something I always want to remember down the road. Leo got to share a ride on the tractor with you and pappy for the first time!1E4778A7-7E11-4626-B497-2E515DA879EF.jpeg

DANCE CAMP was on June 6th aka mermaid camp | you had the best time ever dancin’ your little booty off, making crafts, and eating mermaid cupcakes… There was a performance on the last day of camp and you guys danced to the song “No Ordinary Girl” and the entire time you were shaking and spinning but mostly singing to your little brother (its okay, you don’t have to cry, just be happyyy) becuase he was crying…. you’re so precious savvy jo.


You learned how to ride your bike by yourself!! I am so so so proud of you for this… one day you just hoped on, it was like you knew how to do it all along! Pure joy was on your face as you were riding away from me!

SOCCER GIRL! June 25th you started soccer with soccer shots! I know daddy has it in his head that you’re going to be a little bball star but girl… do you love soccer so far! I’m totally cool with being your soccer mom, just saying!!61C5334D-832E-48A0-B399-12E60ACEC9E2

In July, daddy went away for a week-long work trip… you had a sleepover every night with me… ever since then you have become a permanent fixture in my bed LOL. Every single night you sweet talk me into letting you sleep with me again, honestly even if you didn’t do this I would say yes because I sadly realize you wont be little forever & I love nothing more than cuddling with you!

We love play dates with your little friend Faryn, she loves soccer too!!

I thought the threenager stages had major attitude… but the feisty fours have brought on a entire new array of SASS.

We went & took your birthday pictures at edgewater the day before your 4th birthday… i’ll be honest you were much more interested in the ducks than wanting your pictures done hahah but they turned out so stinkin’ cute!

July 16th, The morning of your birthday ( we go all out on birthdays here ) we celebrated with pink pokadotted balloons tied on your chair, mini pink cupcakes with sprinkles, & you got a “it’s my birthday shirt” to wear for your special day!! We did all your favorite things this day… went to baby’s and got french fries & milkshakes, shopping in downtown state college, & you had soccer practice and made a bunch of goals! That night we opened presents and blew out candles… you said “mommy this was the best birthday ever… I just love you…” that night before bed… making you smile is everything to me. Your favorite gifts were a mermaid sleeping bag & your pink kindle because now you can watch your “own shows” lol.

A MERMAID PARTY is how you decided you wanted to celebrate your 4th birthday! We had your party on Saturday July 21st at mimi and pappys pool and all your family & friends came to enjoy it with you! We had mermaid confetti balloons, cookies, cupcakes & seashell necklesses. You wore a green & purple mermaid bikini, that you were obsessed with! We opened presents, sang happy birthday & you blew out a big number 4 candle on your cupcake! Aunt kelly got you your very own pink soccer ball & i’m absolutely positive that was your favorite gift at the party! Not only was this day special because it was your party, but when you were swimming with daddy you decided you wanted him to let go so you could swim by yourself….. You swam the entire length of the pool that day by yourself! mer-mazing!!24E348BC-A5DE-4F77-97A0-278780FF4BC1.jpegC0AF6096-E707-4F5F-9BF9-E3E58E9BA9F7.jpeg

Welcome to the feisty fours my darling little girl ❤


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  1. Hi Mia…. that was just adorable… what a lucky little girl Savvy and baby brother Leo are to have such a special mom… love u guys….
    Aunt Karen


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