Leo | 5 months

Little dude is 5 months old!! Today I’m sharing all Leo’s achievements and memories from 5 months, it was such a good month!

You started to scutch and roll ALLL around the floor at the beginning of this month but now that we’re nearing the end you are literally playing leap frog and rocking back and forth trying to figure out the whole crawling thing, I can’t help but laugh every time you frog jump!!

You are loving on your lion taggie blanket and also love playing with your rattle ball (it was savvy’s so it’s pink 🤣)

We started doing Leo Plane and you just loveee flying around and giggling!

You tried your first snow cone (bubblegum flavor) thanks to savvy!

We all know when your mad or want something because you started to pound your legs off the ground like a crazy baby!

You’ve started to make motor sounds with your lips… savvy thinks is so funny when you look at her and make stinker sounds. 😂

Officially fit into 6 month clothes.

May 21st you started eating puréed food! The first thing you tried was bananas of course! Your favorites are apple sauce, bananas and sweet potatoes!

You are officially full time sleeping in your crib! WOO!

You had your first father’s day with your dada and we spent it by the pool and playing frisbee golf!

We can already tell you’re going to be a lover of mickey mouse… anytime mickey mouse clubhouse is on you stop whatever you’re doing and stare!

Happy 5 months Leo James!



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