Leo | 4 Months

4 Months old, I repeat my baby is 4 months old!! Here I am again wondering how time is going so fast! Leo hit some pretty awesome milestones this month & I can’t wait to share them with you guys!

Memories I want to remember from 4 months. 

The giggles are coming on strong! Savvy loves tickling your belly & I get your little feet LOL. I’ve also noticed you’re starting to realize when other people are laughing because you mimic them!

You think it’s hilarious when I make a motor sound with my lips!

YOU ROLLED OVER & I caught it on camera!!! May 7th (: you’re now a pro & roll out of every single thing I sit you in… you must be strapped down boy!

The Happy Song by Imogen Heap is your favorite song & instantly makes you calm down!! It’s magic I swear!

You love watching Disney & Netflix with Savvy, I can’t believe you actually sit there & it keeps your attention! Goldie & Bear, The kazoops, & Justin Time seem to be some of your favs.

The little monkey on your jungle mat is your fav & you finally were able to reach up & grab it this month!

I think you’re starting to find your little voice because the baby babbling has been SO STINKIN CUTE… I may or may not be brain washing you to say mama first!

You’re in size 3 months still but you’re working your way outta those fast!!

I shared my first mother’s day with you & we spent it at Savannah’s first dance recital. You wore the cutest little red flannel and sweater ( thanks aunt candy) !

We started doing “Leo plane” LOL you love to pretend like your flying (Savvy loves this too)!

Still a mommy’s boy so far (:

Happy 4 months little one 


NOT so happy, still little & loud though 🙂




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