25 Things I’ve learned by my 26th birthday

Hey guys!! Do you ever just sit back and think… How did this happen?? When did I get closer to 30 than 20?? Where did these fine lines come from? When did I become an adult with 2 mini me’s? What did I do to deserve this hangover from only 2 glasses of wine?? How am I possibly celebrating my 26th birthday? & most importantly where did time go…

So grab that eye brightening cream, put your big girl pants on, take a tylenol or 2, finish your 3rd cup of coffee for the morning, & sit back and enjoy your life while reading 25 things i’ve learned by my 26th birthday!

  1. Let go of who you think you’re suppose to be & embrace who you are.
  2. Life is happening all around you, time doesn’t stop for anyone. Life is happening now & the best thing to do is just enjoy it. Do things you’ve always wanted to do. Make a list & do them!
  3. Its okay to NOT be okay sometimes. This may sound silly but embrace those times & remember thats not how you want to feel anymore & those bad times do not define you. Struggling from anxiety, sometimes I put myself into this hole that seems hard to climb out of… but it’s possible & overcoming those struggles are a pretty big deal.
  4. Good vibes bring good vibes. Just smile, it will make you happy!
  5. Take pride in your work. I absolutely love what I do & I feel like when i’m proud of myself & the work I do, it shows & people notice!
  6. Exercise is so important. Working out is proven to cause positivity, confidence, & obv a healthier you!
  7. Take care of yourself. I posted a quote yesterday on my instagram that really sticks with me. “Always find time for the things that make you feel happy to be alive.” You can’t pour anything out of an empty cup, so taking care of yourself & doing the things that make you a better you is OH SO IMPORTANT.
  8. We can only love others as much as we love ourselves.
  9.  Turn your phone off & spend time with your family & children. We live in a society where our phone are literally glued to our hands & i’m defiantly guilty of this! I’ve found leaving my phone upstairs every once in a while and just spending time without it around is a very good feeling.
  10. Read.
  11. Change is good sometimes, take it in, except it, & just go with it.
  12. Take lots of Pictures! Make those memories! I think I may annoy my family with how many pictures I constantly take… but it’s only because I want to remember these times!
  13. Forgive people & move on. No one is perfect we ALL make mistakes.
  14. Be straightforward. Be truthful. Say I love you if you feel it, tell someone you miss them, send the reckless text message saying how you feel… there is nothing more risky than pretending not to care.
  15. Drink more water!
  16. Do more things outside. Go for hikes, adventures, explore the cool places you see people going online because how cool is it to say i’ve been there before or i’ve done that too!
  17. Be more compassionate. Show love & be kind.
  18. Discover your love language. I cannot express how important this is… finding your love language & being able to recognize your partners will open up a new relationship for you with yourself & your love. Buy this book, I promise you won’t regret it. “The 5 Love Languages”
  19. Stretch. Take a hot yoga class, a zumba class, anything that stretches your body & helps flexibility. Take care of your body, you feel better afterward!
  20. Own a pet. They’re good for your soul.
  21. Push yourself out of your comfort zone & give yourself room to grow.
  22. Stand up for yourself. compromise sometimes… but don’t always give in!!
  23. Respect. Respect space. Respect boundaries. Respect relationships, animals, the environment, yourself… just respect.
  24. Things will happen when its the right time for YOU. Sometimes we tend to sit back & wonder why? Why haven’t I got married yet? Why haven’t I  bought my dream home yet? Why does this person seem farther ahead in life than me? Things happen for a reason & when they’re meant to be.
  25. Sweating the small stuff gets you no where in life. (learning this is major for me) Most likely whatever you’re worried about won’t matter in a year from now yet alone a month from now.

Here are some pictures from my birthday!


I had breakfast at Allegheny creamery and crepes, my favorite!!



& was sung happy birthday to by the sassiest little red head I know!




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